Clarity PPM Add-ons

Focus on work, not passwords

Clarity PPM Single Sign-on for Open ID Connect

Securely log into Clarity PPM with a single click.

Say goodbye to your Clarity PPM login screen once and for all. Pemari’s Clarity PPM Single Sign-On (SSO) product enables automatic sign-on into Clarity PPM using your organisation’s identity provider. Imagine, no more password resets, no more frustrated users and no more ‘I can’t log in’ excuses.  Improve security, productivity, and the overall Clarity PPM user experience.

Our Clarity PPM SSO product is built around the OpenID Connect standard. This allows us to authenticate users with market leading identity providers such as Microsoft, Google, Okta and Ping. The plugin works with both Clarity PPM’s Classic UI and Modern UX as well as the Clarity PPM iOS and Android Mobile apps.

Simple to install and ready to use within minutes. The product plugs straight into your existing Clarity PPM infrastructure so no need for any additional hardware.

Sometimes it’s the little things that put the biggest smile on your users faces.


    No, deep linking is supported so links, in emails, saved as a favourite in a browser, or from other websites will work.

    Yes and No.
    If you launch OWB or MSP from the link in Clarity PPM then this will sign you on silently, but on session timeout you will again be prompted to enter a password.
    However, if you start OWB or MSP then logon to Clarity PPM from those tools you will still be prompted for a user and password.
    This is due to the client not supporting SSO rather than a server limitation. It is recommended that Clarity PPM is LDAP enabled so that the user can use their Windows credentials to logon from these tools.

    The Single Sign-On product is supported with Clarity PPM version 15.6 and above.

    No. Broadcom provide their own Single Sign-On product for Clarity PPM SaaS.

    Single Sign-on for Clarity PPM demo and install

    Setting up Microsoft Azure AD for Clarity PPM Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Setting up Okta for Clarity PPM Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Setting up Ping Identity for Clarity PPM Single Sign-On (SSO)