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Pemari Data Validation

Data Validation | Clarity PPM

Finding your way through the vast amount of information stored in Clarity PPM, and checking the information obeys your business rules is not an easy job.

Usually, the PMO is responsible for ensuring that the integrity is trustworthy for reporting however this can be a time consuming task.

Integrity issues are usually tackled by writing multiple reports or portlets to identify the problems. The PMO then use these to fix these issues before generating reports or approving projects in gate processes.

This solution allows the project / programme / portfolio / resource managers the capability of identifying through customisable business rules which information does not conform thus shifting this responsibility from PMO to local managers.

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Distribute accountability for data quality by highlighting non-conformance to the relevant people

Simple and flexible rules engine to support your business processes written in plain SQL.

Investment and Resource managers are guided through error resolution

Errors can be prioritised to highlight criticality for immediate resolution

Aggregate information into meaningful metrics to increase user adoption by identifying areas of the organisation that requires training

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