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Pemari Data Loader

Data Loader | Clarity PPM

If you are loading vast amounts of data into your Clarity PPM system such as projects, resources, transactions, allocations then this is the tool for you.

The method of input is through Clarity PPM itself rather than having to connect via a separate client application. All of the templates and validation logic are also stored in Clarity PPM so that it is easier to maintain and backup.

When running a load it can be validated first to make sure that there are no errors in the spreadsheet you are loading and then you can load the data.

It also obeys the security model in Clarity PPM so if you haven’t got access to create or edit things you can’t load them.

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All of the validation rules and templates are held within Clarity PPM

Simple validation rules engine to support your business processes written in plain SQL.

Validate your Excel spreadsheet before loading and get all of the errors up front to enable correction

Leverage the loading engine to facilitate integrations to other systems

Using the Clarity PPM security model the engine obeys these rules to ensure that data is not loaded to create or edit items that the user does not have access to.

Because the templates are object instances in Clarity PPM, the normal security model can be used to limit who has access to which templates thus allowing rollout to non-admin users if necessary.