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Pemari IWA for Clarity PPM

Pemari Integrated Windows Authentication | Clarity PPM

Pemari’s IWA filter for Clarity PPM enables Windows Integrated Authentication, no username/password prompt, to the Clarity PPM web application, authenticating the user based on their Windows logon credentials using Kerberos or optionally NTLM.

The IWA Filter does not need a separate server nor a particular page to be accessed first to enable sign on, you can access any page in Clarity PPM and the IWA filter will authenticate the user.

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No, deep linking is supported so links, in emails, saved as a favourite in a browser, or from other websites will work.

Yes, the SSO filter allows a URL to be used for signing on to Clarity PPM as the specified user rather than using the user’s Windows credentials. If you wish to use this we would recommend that the server is SSL enabled.

Yes and No.
If you launch OWB or MSP from the link in Clarity PPM then this will sign you on silently, but on session timeout you will again be prompted to enter a password.
However, if you start OWB or MSP then logon to Clarity PPM from those tools you will still be prompted for a user and password.
This is due to the client not supporting SSO rather than a server limitation. It is recommended that Clarity PPM is LDAP enabled so that the user can use their Windows credentials to logon from these tools.

Yes, but only if you have a means of mapping the user’s Windows user name to their Clarity PPM username, if so then a custom user mapping plugin can be written to perform the mapping. We publish how to do this in the documentation and also provide a simple example.  Alternatively you can engage us to write a mapping function for you.

Yes, the filter supports Kerberos and NTLMv2 on both Windows servers and Linux servers.

No kerberos is always the default scheme. NTLM support can be added if required.

See the Demonstration