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Technical Consulting

Let our experience be your success

Let Our Experience be Your Success

Many of our clients find out that although Clarity PPM is a very powerful tool it doesn't always do everything that is needed in today's organizations. Pemari's consultants have expertise in every technical aspect of Clarity PPM and the work that we have done in the past has allowed organizations to reap the full benefits of the tool.

Upgrades and New Builds

Clarity PPM is ever changing and our consultants have performed upgrades and new builds in some of the most challenging environments in the industry. From single Windows based severs to vast clustered architectures, we are confident that we can install and upgrade Clarity PPM in any environment.

Performance Reviews

Like all large scale database applications, performance can become sluggish if not managed correctly. Our consultants have experience in, not only, diagnosing performance problems but also putting performance enhancing solutions in place.

Integrations & Interfaces

Clarity PPM contains and manages business critical information that often needs to be used in other systems. Integrations or interfaces to automate the extraction and import of this data dramatically reduces the manual cost and effort as well as the data quality. We have worked with our clients to design and develop both uni-directional and bi-directional interfaces.

Extended Clarity PPM Functionality

Clarity PPM contains functionality that can cope with most of todays business needs although companies often push Clarity PPM functionality to the limit. In rare situations, business requirements dictate that the tool needs to work differently and our consultants have come across situations where the client's needs have been greater than the tools capabilities. Utilizing existing web technologies Pemari is confident that no problem is insurmountable and we would be happy to extend the functionality of the tool to deliver your businesses requirements. We aim to keep any functional modification within the defined Broadcom Clarity customisation guidelines .

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