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Let our experience be your success

Let Our Experience be Your Success

Pemari have been supplying specialist Clarity PPM consultants to our clients since 2007. The one thing that we’ve found that has made our engagements successful is by using the same skilled resources on the same client engagements.

Skilled Resources

Our consultants have between 5 years and 15 years experience in the PPM industry giving you the comfort feeling that you are hiring the best in the industry


Using the same consultants on client engagements shortens delivery timescales by the reduction in the time required to transition your processes.

Reduce Costs

Access to experienced PPM people thus reducing the amount of training required to your existing staff. They will become familiar and be trained through integration with Pemari staff.

Mix Development and Resolution

As the client we understand how important it is to be in control of your team and as the skilled Clarity PPM consultants are under your control you can dictate their workload. This enables you to mix issue resolution with development to ensure that the your Run and Improve team are doing exactly what you want them to do.

Run & Improve™ Benefits

… specialists get to know you and your business

… and stabilize your PPM spend into a single annual fee

… by using consistent resources that know your code and configuration

… sessions ensure that your dedicated consultants benefit from the collective knowledge of the team

… of the core team with additional skills during periods of high demand

… resources to find the right mix of skills to suit your budget and requirements

… by utilising your internal team in areas that add more value to your business

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