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CA PPM 15.5 has been released – September 10, 2018

11 Sep, 2018

The next version of CA PPM, version 15.5, has hit the market and it’s packed full of new features. Building on the last release, CA have delivered a set of new features that will help you manage your entire enterprise project portfolio from a single system of record. Included in...

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Take a look at CA PPM Version 15.4.1

12 Jun, 2018

Take a look at CA PPM’s 15.4.1 New User Experience features for Projects, Blueprints, Staffing, and Timesheets. Introduced in 15.4.1 are the new Roadmap features including linking to projects, scenario comparisons, target comparisons. The first version of Project Staffing has also been released so that project managers can book...

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Protecting your Personal Identifiable Information in CA PPM for GDPR

18 May, 2018

In CA PPM version 15.4, the ability to protect  Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to enable organisation to comply with GDPR within the European Union has been introduced. Watch this video to find out what needs to be done to enable this feature and set up the necessary components. 

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GEL Script consuming CA PPM REST API

22 Jun, 2017

Introduction of the REST API has opened doors for more powerful and effective ways to achieve integration with different applications. We have already gone through the CA PPM REST API  overview in a previous Blog. In this Blog we will try to consume RESTful URL’s via GEL scripts, so let’s...

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