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Integrating CA PPM with Ping Federate for Single Sign-On

Ping Federate is used by one of our CA PPM clients to provide single sign-on capabilities for their Cloud and Internally based systems. To enable CA PPM to also utilise the Ping Federate infrastructure to improve the ease of access for the users of CA PPM, we were engaged...

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GEL Script consuming CA PPM REST API

Introduction of the REST API has opened doors for more powerful and effective ways to achieve integration with different applications. We have already gone through the CA PPM REST API  overview in a previous Blog. In this Blog we will try to consume RESTful URL’s via GEL scripts, so let’s...

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15 Jun, 2017

With Version 14.3 CA have introduced a new web service i.e. REST API for data retrieving and modifying PPM data. This new web service is a powerful way to achieve integration with other applications, interactive interfaces, easy business automation among others. So we need to first understand how to...

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HTML Fancy Lookups: Inline List

We have already achieved Rendering HTML inside CA PPM via Lookups, if you have not viewed my previous blog on html lookup then i will recommend you to first go through HTML Fancy Lookups: Getting Started There are few clients where they want to view different sub-object data inside their...

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HTML Fancy Lookups: Getting Started

CA PPM lookups are a powerful and widely used method to get dynamic values based on user login using parameter mapping or cascaded values into a different lookup etc but today we are going to learn how to leverage the lookups power to render HTML into CA PPM pages...

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