It’s official, Broadcom completes it’s acquisition of CA Technologies

05 Nov, 2018
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It’s official. CA Technologies are now part of Broadcom.

You can read the official release here

It was called the weirdest acquisition ever by but as time has passed since the announcement was made, the reasons behind the acquisition have become a little more obvious.

Broadcom are a very successful semiconductor manufacturer. CA Technologies are a large enterprise software powerhouse. So where is the logic… Simply put, upsell.

CA are embedded into virtually all of the world’s largest enterprises. Some of these clients that have been using CA software for decades. You can’t just build these relationships like these overnight. If Broadcom wanted to make more of an impact into this part of the market it could have potentially taken them years but by buying CA, it’s shortcut the entire process. The CA acquisition will opening up doors that Broadcom didn’t have access to before. In addition to this, they have bought a very successful software house expanding the Broadcom product portfolio into the world of enterprise software.

If you ask me… it’s genius.

We fully expect a number of CA products to be sold off and, who knows, maybe Broadcom may even recoup the majority of $18 billion spent on buying CA in the first place. According to ZDNet, the first to go is CA Veracode for $950 million. The rest of CA’s software portfolio will be divided into 2 divisions, Mainframe and Enterprise Software. CA Project Portfolio Manager (CA PPM) will sit in the newly formed Enterprise Software division along with CA’s products in Agile Planning and Requirements, Automation, API Management, Continuous Testing, Security and AIOps.

Everyone here at Pemari welcome’s our new partnership with Broadcom.

The future is looking rosy.


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