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Problems accessing your TSV data?

Pemari Time Slicer

Pemari Time Slicer | Clarity PPM

The Pemari Time Slicer gives access to more time scaled data. Reading the data directly in SQL statements from the TSV fields in the database it frees up the constraints of what are in the Time Slice definitions.

The in-built Clarity PPM time-slicing functionality can be adversely affected by a number of factors such as network, database, and the day of the week or month.

Our solution helps to improve the performance of Clarity PPM and reduce the overall database size. Using the Pemari Time Slicer removes the need for custom slices or increasing the size of existing slices for reporting purposes, freeing up large volumes of valuable database disk space and reducing the processing burden on the background scheduler. It also helps to maintain the core table pages in memory resulting in less disk I/O, improving both the database and application performance.

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Remove date range constraints of the slicing windows

Report on Resource’s Calendar and Default Availability

Read time-scaled data directly from the BLOBs
Easily identify incomplete slices

No need for any custom slices

Reduce the overall size of your database
Improve database performance
Reduce overhead on the background server