What is happening with CA Services?

08 Nov, 2018
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The Broadcom acquisition of CA Technologies has started a new chapter in the life of CA PPM (Clarity) but what impact will it have on CA Services?

At Pemari we have only heard good things about the acquisition and the impact on CA PPM:

  • More investment in R&D and product development.
  • A closer working relationship between product development and sales.
  • And… probably the best news any partner could hear… the shift towards partners like Pemari for implementation and support services.


The impact of the change in strategy is not clear for clients that are heavily involved with CA Services. For a CA Partner, it is the news we’ve been wanting to hear for years.

Pemari is CA’s most successful PPM partner in UK & Ireland and we have no intention of changing our direction. We are 100% dedicated to providing the best PPM software and consulting services for our clients. With over 30+ dedicated CA PPM consultants, we are the largest CA PPM partner in the UK&I and have helped clients of all sizes save time and money supporting them along their PPM journey.

How Can Pemari Help You?

Run and Improve

For those that are already using the CA PPM application, our dedicated consulting team are here to help you operationally support the application and develop the application as you refine your requirements over time. Dedicating named resources to work alongside you over a sustained period is the key to a successful implementation. Consistency is the key to shortening delivery timescales, it’s the key to reducing the time it takes to resolve issues and it’s the key to happy customers. In addition to this, our skilled consultants benefit from being able to utilise the collective knowledge of our team when designing solutions for your unique requirements.

Integrations & Addons

Extending the value of CA PPM through solution integration is a common requirement. Our range of prebuilt integrations help cut the time and cost of developing enterprise software integrations.

CA PPM Upgrades

Our experienced upgrade consultants have been helping organisations upgrade CA PPM from the time the software was called Niku. Planning, testing and performing upgrades can be a difficult task. If you’re looking to get onto the latest version of CA PPM, let us know. We’ll be happy to help.

Advanced Analytics

Getting value from managing data in CA PPM is only one part of the solution. Getting data out in a sensible format is also critical. Working alongside our dedicated PPM team are our BI experts. Well versed in all the major BI platforms as well as advanced data analytics techniques, our BI team are available to help you understand how best to extract value from your data.

Expand the usage of CA PPM Software

CA PPM’s flexibility is one of it’s strengths. Over the years, we have used the solution to solve a wide range of complex business challenges. Our CA PPM Solution Architects have on average 15+ years working with clients on expanding their use of the solution. If you have a requirement for CA PPM, there is a good chance our Solution Architects have already done it.

Deploy and Implement CA PPM

From our QuickStart implementation package, designed to get you up and going between 4-8 weeks, to the more traditional deployment approach for large implementations. If you’re thinking about deploying a PPM solution, we’re sure we’ve got a package that would suit you.

Contact us for a free consultation

We’re not a team of sales guys with call quotas and quarterly targets but a group of PPM enthusiasts that love helping organisations deliver their strategies more effectively.

If you’re thinking of a PPM solution for your organisation, want to know more about CA PPM or want to improve your existing implementation, get in touch.

We’re always happy to help.

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