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User Adoption. Why it’s so important and how can I improve it?


A perfect software solution that no-one uses is useless. Why User Adoption is the most important element of enterprise software.

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Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for PPM

Broadcom Clarity PPM a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Project & Portfolio Management

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Clarity PPM 15.6.1 has been released – June 10th, 2019

Clarity PPM 15.6.1 (formerly CA PPM) is the latest release in the software's life cycle.

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CA PPM (Clarity) 15.5.1 has been released – December 3rd, 2018

04 Dec, 2018

CA Project & Portfolio Manager (CA PPM) CA PPM 15.5.1 is the latest release in the software’s life cycle and is packed full of new features. Greater support for ‘Modern Ways of Working’ with the ability to add due dates and owners to To Do’s within a Task as...

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Announcing the formation of the PPM Global Alliance


All of us at Pemari are delighted to announce the formation of the PPM Global Alliance. The PPM Global Alliance represents the next step in international collaboration across the field of Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Formed by five experienced PPM consultancies, the Alliance’s focus is to advance our collective...

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What is happening with CA Services?

08 Nov, 2018

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CA PPM 15.5 has been released – September 10, 2018

11 Sep, 2018

The next version of CA PPM, version 15.5, has hit the market and it’s packed full of new features. Building on the last release, CA have delivered a set of new features that will help you manage your entire enterprise project portfolio from a single system of record. Included in...

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Take a look at CA PPM Version 15.4.1

12 Jun, 2018

Take a look at CA PPM’s 15.4.1 New User Experience features for Projects, Blueprints, Staffing, and Timesheets. Introduced in 15.4.1 are the new Roadmap features including linking to projects, scenario comparisons, target comparisons. The first version of Project Staffing has also been released so that project managers can book...

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Integrating CA PPM with Ping Federate for Single Sign-On

Ping Federate is used by one of our CA PPM clients to provide single sign-on capabilities for their Cloud and Internally based systems. To enable CA PPM to also utilise the Ping Federate infrastructure to improve the ease of access for the users of CA PPM, we were engaged...

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Protecting your Personal Identifiable Information in CA PPM for GDPR

18 May, 2018

In CA PPM version 15.4, the ability to protect  Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to enable organisation to comply with GDPR within the European Union has been introduced. Watch this video to find out what needs to be done to enable this feature and set up the necessary components. 

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