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ITSM CA PPM Connector

How can you quickly realise business value from a fully integrated PPM & ITSM Enterprise Solution?

The ITSM CA PPM Connector takes two of the market leaders, CA PPM & BMC ITSM, and seamlessly integrates the data flow between the two. The out of the box functionality enables organisations to benefit from a complete EITM solution within days rather than months and provides a robust foundation for future integrations.

A PPM system is typically used to manage strategic and tactical demand within the business and a Service Management system is used to manage the demand coming from incidents that occur with systems managed by IT, with larger changes requiring the setup of a project to deliver the change. However stakeholders require accurate costs and delivery timescales, which require coordinated project and resource planning. By providing a single system of record for IT project portfolio decisions, investment decisions, resource based optimizations of the portfolio, budgeting and forecasting, best practice methodologies and time tracking, IT efficiencies are improved.

The primary objective of this integration is to enable the operation of the Change Management process within BMC ITSM, and enable the management of your services, projects, products, people and financials within CA Clarity PPM.

The ITSM CA PPM Connector enables the automatic generation of BMC ITSM initiated change driven projects within CA PPM and the update of the linked Change Requests within BMC ITSM on the progress of the project in its lifecycle. As the connector operates in real time a Change Manager can be confident that when they review a change in BMC ITSM they are reviewing the most up to date information.

When a change driven project is created within CA PPM, each system is then able to link directly to the relevant record within the other, providing a simple method of referencing the other and avoiding the need to replicate unnecessary data between the two.

Business benefits

  • Change driven demand is visible with the IT project and resourcing system that provides a view of all project based demand and resource utilization within IT.
  • Automated Project Lifecycle updates and notifications, results in more streamlined Project and Change management processes.
  • Improves the ability to meet service level objectives and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring all Change initiated projects are immediately visible to the Portfolio, Project and Resourcing teams for prompt action.
  • Automation reduces manual data entry and synchronization between systems thus reducing data inconsistencies.

Product Features

  • Bidirectional updates for Change driven projects between CA PPM and BMC ITSM.
  • Provides a link between the two systems that enables the view of the related CA PPM project details from BMC ITSM and Change details in BMC ITSM from CA PPM.
  • Enables the use of existing CA PPM capabilities that include Project planning, scheduling, resourcing, time recording, costing and lifecycle notifications in the management of Change.
  • 100% standards based built on BMC ITSM and CA PPM technologies.
  • Real Time SOA based messaging using HTTP/SOAP based web services.
  • Supported on all BMC ITSM and CA PPM platforms and databases.
  • Provides system reconciliation jobs that can be scheduled or run on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Can be configured, customized or extended to meet bespoke customer requirements.